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Classes, Seminars, Mediation, and Consultation

Nikelle will provide effective strategies which tackle common workplace roadblocks to productivity, employee and client satisfaction.

  • Communicate with purpose and direction
  • Improve co-worker relationships
  • Achieve your goals and exceed them
  • Manage stress in the workplace
  • Balance work and family
  • Reinforce empathy for difficult people
  • Increase productivity and reduce wasted energy
  • Increase mutual appreciation
  • Increase team cohesiveness
What makes Nikelle different than other presenters?

How many times have you attended training and felt excited and ready to go, and then the next day thought "I really liked that speaker, but what did I learn?" How do I implement what I learned and make it useful. Motivational speakers are inspiring, exciting, and renew our passion for our work. They are important to increase company morale.

But what do you do? Click to learn more.

"The seminar was excellent and emotional bonds have been strengthened in our work place."
Couples Counseling

Nikelle Rosier, MSW, LICSW Therapist and Educator
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