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Prevent Marriage Decay: Get a Marriage Check Up

You go to the dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy: Go to Nikelle to make sure your marriage is healthy. We can scrape off the bad habits, refresh skills and learn to reconnect.

You get your car tuned up: let's look under the hood and see how we can make the marriage run smoother!

How happy are you in your marriage on a scale to 1 to 10? 1 least happy and 10 is marital bliss. Rate 6 or below? Time for a tune up!

I suggest couples get a checkup once a year to stay fresh on skills and to have a safe place to ask "how satisfied are you?"

Check the site for Marriage Enrichment Workshops coming soon!


"I've never attended any sort of therapy or counseling in my life and I could not have imagined a better situation. I felt like I could be myself and I was very comfortable." "The sessions pointed out new strengths and made me appreciate my relationship even more."
- Justin from Seattle
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Nikelle Rosier, MSW, LICSW Therapist and Educator
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