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The Premarital Workshop

A 5 or 6 week skills based workshop on marriage preparation.

The Next Premarital Workshop (register now)
Our schedule of upcoming workshops. ($400 per couple)

The Premarital Package

A 5 or 6 week package for couples who prefer private premarital education sessions.

Pre-Marital Counseling

For couples who want to work on specific issues such as blending of families, sex, prior issues of trust and history.

*The Premarital Workshop and Counseling Programs are not affiliated with any religious organizations or specific faiths.

The skills taught are skills based from current research on the effectiveness of premarital education and marriage counseling.

"I really enjoyed my time, Justin and I felt that we gained quite a bit of insight from this workshop. Some of the things we discussed, we didn't even know that we had a weakness in. It was good to pinpoint those areas so that we can work on them for the future."
- Claire from Seattle
Couples Counseling

Nikelle Rosier, MSW, LICSW Therapist and Educator
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